Due to globalization, designing field in India is taking shape to create its name to the entire world. Many designers and professionals are regularly working and developing their own business which ultimately leads to the global market.

India requires entrepreneurs to sustain its economy in future. Many fashion brands and industries are setting up in India to create its market and consumer. Consumers are now getting aware with international and national fashion and lifestyle brands. The scope of fashion and interior in India is flourishing and in next future it will lead worldwide.
In year 2000, 51 percent of students get placement from Fashion Department and 48 percent from Interior department which gradually increases and we are proud to say that today more than 85 percent of our students work under reputed organization.
Year after year, the internship of GIFT has kept getting better. GIFT is consider as one of the best designing college in Kolkata and were proud to offer the best breed of designers, managers and leaders to the corporate sector. GIFT Designing students receive intensive training for specific periods. This exposure familiarizes them with the main stream of industry operation and trains them for gruelling and demanding world of corporate.
GIFT are trying out some innovative measures to give recruitment a boost. We have introduced special programmes to help our student in their job search.

Some of the factors driving the revival are very region specific. The Asian markets provide exciting growth opportunities for local & international firms. To support those growth companies need high-fliers to develop new ideas and provide a mix of local knowledge with best practices from mature markets.

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