Those with high status occupations will wear the clothes they think others expect them to wear. They will not wish to experience role conflict by wearing the incorrect clothing. It is from the clothes a person wears that we get our first impression of personality. They provide mental clues to a person’s status and occupational role, as well as being a means of conforming to peer group expectations.

Clothes also have the utilitarian function of providing both protections from the extremes of the elements, keeping
us warm or cool or safe. They also act as an aid to modesty or immodesty as the wearer so desires.

The state of a person’s clothes is synonymous with self-respect and is a sign of respectability. It also adds another
sign that the person has sufficient status in society to maintain at the cost of time and money, laundering, dry cleaning and repair. To be respectable some expense has to be incurred in the maintenance of cleanliness and neatness.

This is where the fashion designer steps in and now this has created the market for Design Industry.

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