Rajdan Deb

Love of Krishna- Magical beauty of Raasleela
Distinguished chief guest and honourable members and after all the spectators, first and for most i want to convey my regards all of you.. My name is Atanu Biswas and today i am going to presents my collections but before presenting my collection i wish to say something about my interest in old as well as in new Indian culture and specially the style and culture of mythological era like the time of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. these two epics are part and parcel of our lives and I am really astonished the characters of two epics and their dresses. i have got inspiration from these. The then time there fashion was really unbelievable. Besides the character Lord Krishna and his lady companions awesome dresses provoked me to adopt this theme.
In addition the flute of krishna the ornaments and other things with long lengthknot have enhanced the beauty also his charm is something magical I cannot avoid I my self wanted to sum up all these phenomena in my work. To day my theme is based on Radhakrishna
THE LOVE OF KRISHNA - Magical BEAUTY OF RASHLEELA throughout the ages we have listened to the stories of Radha Krishna in different ways,many people have tried to present them in their own ways, so today in my collection i have tried to present them their dressing sense,the style and have recreated those culture and style in my way in this show i dare to say whatever the work i made, which is going to be showed very soon will attract your attention so i don't want to extend my speech. i wish your better judgment. One again i am covering my whole hearted respect all of you.
Thank you