We execute our services with Excellence, Honesty & Perfection at an affordable price.

Looking for high quality interior designing services?

In “INTERIOR 2.0” we offer comprehensive interior designing and interior decoration services for all types of corporate, commercial and residential projects at very affordable rates. We offer a wide range of services which are as follows:-


A piece of furniture can have so many different roles in your residential and commercial space. It has to meet every demand made of it, while also ensuring it matches and compliments its surroundings. At “INTERIOR 2.0” we offer the best furniture which serves both aesthetically as well as functionally.


Right tiles can create the desired ambience, but it is also difficult to choose. Ceramic tiles are versatile in application and can be used almost anywhere including walls, ceilings and floors. We also consult on tiles and plumbing work to meet your specific requirment.


We install lights and fixtures and other home appliances for decorating the interior of your home, office, cafes, restaurants, etc. Electricity plays a vital role in giving your interiors the perfect ambience. By using very modern and decorative lights such as dimmers & mood lighting & lamps and placing them at the appropriate positions in your interiors; we create very alluring and dramatic effects. We do perfect planning before installing lightings so as to create the perfect mood and ambience.


Where do you spend most of your time when you are at home?

If your family is like ours, it’s probably in the kitchen. But no matter how large a kitchen is, it never feels big enough. Create more storage with Stainless Steel Modular Fittings for better storage and to save space. Add glass fronts on wall cabinets, under-the-counter lighting and granite counter Top.


Everything you need to create your custom bathroom from start to finish. Our professional designers can help you build the ultimate bathroom from the ground up, with a sink, tub, toilet shower tiles and accessories to match. Accessories to complement the style and finish of your bathroom.


The meaning of vaastu is “Dwelling”, which is the home for both man and God. Vaastu is a science by which an area can exude positive energy based on the concepts of the 5 basic elements of the universe:-

1. Akash (Sky) 2. Prithvi (Earth) 3. Paani (Water) 4. Agni (Fire) 5. Vayu (Wind) It has been proven to ensure happiness and peace to those who follow its principles appropriately by the book.