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Interior Designing

Interior Designing is the knowledge of proper application & utilization of space in the best possible way with proper measurement & planning. Interior Decoration is also a part of interior designing which includes the furniture, soft furnishing, flower arrangements, art & other decorative parts. It encompasses the conceptual planning and technical solution to achieve the desired programmed interior.

To make anything beautiful and useful, an interior designer can provide best advices. They have the proper knowledge about which object looks good in which position with its 100% usefulness. A designer can suggest you the best design and decoration as per your choice and budget.

We ,(the designers) provide facilities those are as below:

1. Floor planning- We draw the floor plan on the basis of the total space and its measurement.

2. Furniture layout- Layout of the space with proper furniture placement is provided. Furnitures are designed according to the needs following the anthropometry. Innovative designed multipurpose furnitures with sleek modern design are provided with proper space management.

3. Flooring- It can be of several types like marble, tile, PVC, wooden flooring etc.

4. Electrical layout- proper electrical layout is one of the main parts of the project.

5. Plumbing- Plumbing is done using good materials and exact plan of that is also very important.

6. False ceiling design- False ceiling Design is one of the main factors of an interior project. It can make the room aesthetically more beautiful and also helps in thermal and sound insulation.

7. Paint, wallpapers, textures- There too many options for wall decor. We can use different types of wallpapers and texture paintings depending on the motif to highlight the room or can use only simple paint to maintain the simplicity. Wall panelling with lighting is a very eye-catching wall decoration. We use various elements like jails of POP or fibre boards, glass cuttings etc to make the design unique.

8. Lighting- Lighting is the most important factor for a room or a space. Good lighting can change the total ambiance of the space. We have to be very typical wile designing a laboratory or other spaces.

9. Decorating elements- After completion of designing part we focus on the decoration of the space. We can decorate the space with various elements like different kinds of linen (leather, fabric, foam etc.), cushions with vibrant cushion covers, carpets and rugs, blocks or words, decorative selves, pictures and arts and other decorating items. We also use ply, laminates, acrylic sheets etc to create various designs to highlight a portion of the room.

10. Other miscellaneous works- 3D views are provided before construction. Good supervising skill, organisational skill, communicational skill is a sign of good interior designer. We value client’s view and choices. A good designer makes maintain good relation with clients even after the project completion and should provide good services for any time.

~ Pranita Ray Choudhury
~ Priyodorshi Interiorz LLP
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