GIFT DESIGN ACADEMY is one of the best institutes of fashion & interior designing in Kolkata. Our vision is to be one of the premier institute providing cutting edge education that transforms the younger generation towards being socially & professionally responsible so that they can easily blind into a global network as well as acquire greater appreciation from the industry.


Our mission is to train students so that we can incorporate a cohesive, contextual and nurturing environment for learning. The emphasis is on self-motivated learning by using information, experience, and practice. The teaching methodology aims at using the inputs from core functional areas to interdisciplinary issues and problem-solving.


  • To provide learning facilities to students for pursuing their careers.
  • To promote knowledge through research, applied and conceptual, relevant to management, and to disseminate such knowledge through publications.
  • To assist in internship opportunities during training period


GIFT Design Academy, one of the leading fashion & interior designing institute in Kolkata aspires to be the gateway of technology strengths of both fashion & interior industry excelling in fashion and innovative commercial enterprises.

The institution goal is to deliver the best in education, academic research & training through a professional partnership.

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